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You can use this form if you want to submit a panorama in order for it to be posted on this website.
This panorama will be made available to the visitors for free download.

In order to have a chance to be posted, the panoramas have to meet some quality standards, such as:
  - Minimal résolution: 768 pixels high for a horizontal panorama and 1024 pixels wide for a vertical panorama.
The pictures must be "panoramic" enough: the width/height aspect ratio for a horizontal panorama should not be lower than 2.5 and the height/width ratio for a vertical panorama not lower than 1.75.
  - The panorama must be interesting and of good quality (sharpness, light, seams quality).
  - The panorama must comply with decency rules (no panoramas with obscene, violent or racist contents).

A height of 1200 pixels or more for a horizontal panorama or a width of 1600 pixels or more for a vertical panorama would be ideal.
If the panorama size is larger than the minimal size, it will be published on the site in a standard version allowing to minimize the download time and the resource usage of the computer on which WPanorama is run (a height of 768 pixels for the horizontal panoramas and a width of 1024 pixels for the vertical panoramas), as well as in a high resolution version (up to the original dimensions of the supplied panorama).

WPanorama webmaster bides the right not to publish all the submitted panoramas.

The author will be notified by e-mail when his (her) panorama is posted.

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Details about the form edition fields:
Author:Author's first and last name. This information will be displayed under the panorama thumbnail, preceded by a "©".
E-mail: Author's e-mail address. This address will not be displayed on the site, but will allow the webmaster to contact him (her) in order to notify him (her) of the publication of his (her) panorama or to ask him (her) for some extra information.
Website: (optional) If this field is filled with a valid URL, a link towards the website will be displayed under the panorama thumbnail.
Description: This description (which may be subject to be shortened in order for it to fit on one line, along with the author's name) will be displayed under the panorama thumbnail. It should usually mention a brief information about the place, as well as the country name.
Coordinates: (optional, but desirable) The geographic coordinates of the location from where the panorama was shot. These coordinates must be given under the form of the latitude and longitude values (for instance 40.743536 / -73.988311 or 40°44'36.73"N / 73°59'17.92"W). They can be obtained for instance thanks to a software like GoogleEarth or with the help of a GPS. It is also possible to get the coordinates and integrate them very easily to the panorama file thanks to the excellent GeoSetter free software.
The purpose of this information is to allow the visitors to view the geographic location of your panorama directly from WPanorama website or software.
File: The local name of the file you are submitting. This file may be an image file (.jpg, .bmp) or an archive file (.zip). If it is an archive file, it can contain one or several image files.
The filename must not include special characters (accented characters, quotation marks, °, etc).
Technical info: (optional) Here you can enter technical info about your panorama, such as: camera brand and model, setting parameters, number of shots, name of the stitching software, etc... This information will be displayed under the panorama thumbnail.
Message: (optional) In this field you can write a message for the webmaster about the author or the panorama. This message will not be displayed on the site, hence it will be as private as an e-mail.